Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Initials are Beautiful!

What a better way to personalize your wedding than to use your intials! You can do so many things with a letter - and it makes such a statement. Don't you think?

It's an inexpensive way to express your personal'ness in one of lives most cherished celebrations. I had downloaded a picture a few weeks ago to blog about and then it's all over the blog-world, I didn't want to saturate you, but I just think it's such a pretty statement! Thank you Darci for letting me steal your images.
Most of these are easy DIY projects too, slather on some paint and ribbons, and you are good to go!

Or lots of glue and fresh flowers - or you could even use some pretty silk flowers and keep them forever!I love the idea of using moss! It's just so beautiful and green!
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