Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chopsticks Do's and Don'ts

I had gotten a bunch of email questions about using chopsticks at a meal after I posted about Etiquette for a place setting.

  • Do decide which piece of food you want before you start in on an appitizer platter with your chopsticks. Poking the food as you decide what you want is a no-no, and once your chopsticks have touched a piece of food, you must take it.
  • Do bite in half any dumplings and other small items that are a little too large to eat.
  • Do raise your rice bowl to a point just under your chin when eating rice (unless you happen to be dining in Korea, where all dishes remain on the table).
  • Do rest your used chopsticks on your plate or chopstick rest, no directly on the table.
  • Don't pour any sauce over the food, instead use your chopsticks to dip a piece of food in teh sauce before raising it to your mouth
  • Don't tap the chopsticks on a dish to attract the attention of your server. (that's just wrong when it comes to forks, knives or any utensil)

**Thanks to Emily Post's Etiquette (17th Edition) for help with some of the questions.

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