Monday, February 4, 2008

Getting Married Fast!

All of a sudden MasterPiece Weddings is being contracted to consult and help plan weddings that are in the the next 2 weeks or 2 months. This is a strange phenomenon, because in the past 14 years, I've only done 1 wedding that we were asked to do in 2 weeks, and now I am doing 4!

What do you do when you have less than a month to plan a wedding? Well first thing is to know: how much you have budgeted for your event - then determine your date, and where your priorities lay, for instance, I want lots of flowers, or amazing food. Also know that you'll need to work fast. Be prepared to make decisions pretty quickly. Because invitations need to go out, people need to be called, and you need to be prepared to sign contracts and pay initial deposits to contract for florists, photographers, and catering.

You'll still need to get married, you'll still need to feed your guests something.... just know that normally it takes 12 months to plan a wedding, and needing to do everything in less than a month. It's time to multi-task and work fast.
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