Monday, February 25, 2008

Hiring your Photographer

I had a really nice conversation with an amazing photographer this weekend at our Bridal Show (we're in Florida, our shows are later...) but anyway -

We had a really interesting conversation on how brides are hiring their photographer. A lot of brides are basing their photography decision on the photographers web site and blogs alone.

This trend worries me a bit, photography has a lot to do with personality of the photographer, and the final album. Your wedding should tell a story and if you are hiring a photographer based on their blogs (which you can tell a fair amount of someones personality from their blog) but that one on one time is important as well. This person or people will be in your face your entire wedding day, don't you want to make sure your personalities melt well together?

And the final album is vital, it tells your love story. Don't you want it to be amazing, perfect and totally utterly reflect you and your story?

When looking at photographer options consider all of the options-

  1. Take a look at their website and see if you like their work
  2. Set up a meeting to meet them in person
  3. While looking at the photographers albums see if you really get to know their clients from looking at the book
  4. Make sure you like the person you are talking to

These are very important aspects of wedding photography, don't hire someone just because they have a cool video on their site or a way neat-o blog.... this is YOUR once in a lifetime most cherished celebration, make sure it's perfect!

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