Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter White...revisited

As the Holiday Party season is upon us, I was thinking about what to wear. Obviously the cute red number that I got on sale at White House Black Market is top runner, but you can't wear the same dress to all of the parties, right?

The other week, while finding inspiration for an inspiration board, I mentioned that I was headed to a party, and the girls in my office suggested forced me to wear a white dress.

{Katie - from Sweetwater, Me, Jessica - Solutions Bridal}

I was honestly, hesitant, you don't wear white after Labor Day - at least that is what I've always thought. I was concerned that wearing a white {even Winter White} might be perceived as passe. But, frankly, I kind of liked it.

How do you feel about wearing white after Labor Day? {Just not to a wedding.... as a guest...)
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