Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I Learnt...

This weekend was Cara's first wedding with us, so like I forced, er, pressured, er, politely asked Christina to do, I had Cara write up the Top 5 Things she learned from her first wedding.

I think it's interesting to see the differences! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Cara!

Top 5 Things I learned

1. Think Fast
Thinking quickly on your feet is a must for any wedding planner. Something will go wrong, a great wedding planner knows how to fix it and does it while keeping her cool. Without the magical cake cutting technique, at this weekend's weddings, serving the oh-so-delicious but oh-no-messy cake would have been impossible.
(it was a Cheesecake, more on that later)

2. Now this is how its going to work
Vendors don't always follow the timeline or plan. No matter how many times you confirm, vendors can and will work at their own pace and do things their way. However, a great wedding planner (like, Melissa!) knows how to work with the many different vendors and their styles, ensuring the wedding goes off without a hitch.

3. You use that for what!?!...
White chalk works wonders on covering the inevitable wedding dress mystery spot. The uncommon uses for everyday products can be lifesavers on your wedding day. Never underestimate the power of the emergency bag.

4. Roll with the Punches
Flexibility is a requirement for any successful wedding planner. With the word planner in the job title, wedding planners are known for having every little detail planned out. However, you have to expect the unexpected and be willing and ready to adjust your ever-so-carefully thought out plans.

5. Be Our Guest, Put Our Service to the Test!!!!
Every guest will come to you with every obstacle. A great wedding planner must be prepared to handle any request from any guest. Be prepared for the random and bizarre but be sure to know when and how to talk a guest out of the over the top extras.

I think Cara has some great insight on how difficult and on the go our job can be! And certain things just can't be planned for.
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