Monday, June 16, 2008

Things I used from my Wedding Bag!

This weekend we had a beautiful wedding outside at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens, it was HOT! But beautiful! The day started like any other wedding day, the bride and groom taking their photographs inside, but then they moved to the beautiful gardens at Kanapaha - lots of water was consumed!
Holly was a beautiful bride and I can't wait to get the pictures back from the photographer!

Here is what I used from my wedding bag this weekend!

Water: We had lots and lots of chilled water for the wedding party to drink, we needed to keep them hydrated and upright!

Ribbon: We had to make a bow super fast, because we needed to turn a boutonniere into a corsage, and that was our only weapon!

Floral Wire: To secure the bow and ribbon onto the boutonniere turned corsage.

Corsage Pins: We used them for all sorts of things, but to secure that bow onto the flower was one biggie!

Tide to Go Pen: The bride had gotten make up on her dress, and the Tide To Go pens work great for that! And then she had gotten some mascara on her, so for that we turned to...

Shout Wipe: See above. (But just plain rubbing alcohol works well too!)

White Chalk: To hide some of the dirt marks on the back of her dress.

Advil: Grumpy Bride = not fun --- Bride who got Aunt Flo on her wedding day with cramps = not fun (for anyone!)

Black Sharpie: To hide stains on the tuxedo

Safety Pin: To secure a button on the Tuxedo (just way faster than sewing it on)

It was such a beautiful wedding, and they make such a fantastic couple! I can't wait to see them when they get back from their honeymoon!

Note to brides getting married outside in the dead heat of summer - just be aware that it was hot outside, try to make your guests happy. and hydrated. Keep lots of flowing cool air about - and limit the time outside!
Photo Credit: IMJ Photography
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