Monday, June 9, 2008

Destination Vendors

So many times I'll consult with a bride about their destination wedding, and the on-site coordinator convinces the bride that she won't need outside help, although it's allowed... there's no need. At least according to the location.

But check out this picture I found on K-Gallery's site... here's reason #862... why is there any need to be that close!??!?!?!

When I went to Las Vegas there was a bride in the elevator with me, and I was chatting with her about what I do, and how happy I am for her... during our 32 floor decent - and her eyes got really big, and started to water, and then she asked me if I would help her make it down the aisle. So, I did. I basically coordinated her ceremony.

After the ceremony she pulled me aside and said that the hotel coordinator promised to take care of it all, and she wouldn't have to worry about a thing.... but the bride couldn't find her all day. (and she wasn't there for the ceremony either).

I'm not trying to scare you - but just be careful!
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