Friday, June 6, 2008

Family Matters

Life is Short! We all know this, but do we really think about what it means.

It means that as I reflect back on my wedding day, there are more than a handful of people that are no longer with us. Life is Short.

My Grandfather, Sidney. What a joy he was in my life. If only I could have really taken those dance lessons seriously. Maybe then I'd have a bit, I mean a touch of rhythm! And the stories he told! What a man!

My husbands Grandmother, Lonnie. What a fantastic woman! This past weekend we were going though a large photo album full of letters from perfect strangers to her, thanking her for St. Jude Metals that she gave out to everyone! She was a true blessing! Everyone that met her loved her!

My Sister-in-Law, Autumn. She was lost way to early! She was 21 years old! So sad!!

I'm not writing this to make you sad. Actually, I am telling you this because you need to cherish the family you have while you have them! Listen to those stories from your Grandparents, really take hold of them, and hold on tight!

Include your family in pictures, you never know when the last picture might be snapped.
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