Sunday, May 25, 2008

What I used Yesterday...

Although I am suffering from quite the Wedding Hangover - I wanted to take some time out today and share with you what I used from my Wedding Emergency Kit yesterday and why I used what I did.

I think this might be fun to do every Monday after a Wedding, I know that I don't use every item at every wedding. But this way we can see any trends, and how I used what I used.
  • Corsage Pins: We needed so many pins, the florist didn't include them with the boutonnieres, so I used mine from my wedding bag.

  • Playing Cards: The bride was so nervous before the ceremony, Katie thought she was going to pass out or throw up, so just before the ceremony to kill a bit of time and get her mind off of being nervous we set up a game of War... she won!

  • Deodorant: Katie thought she was sweating up a storm - and was afraid of stinking, so she used deodorant allllll over her body - and with the temperature this weekend, I don't blame her!

  • Mints: Peppermint is a good tummy calmer and fresh minty breath for that kiss!

  • Bobby Pins: The flowergirls' hair needed a bit of fixin'.

  • Advil: Someone had a headache... And I think I snuck a few too...

  • Tissues: Actually it's a disposable hanky.... gotta wipe those tears... Happy Tears!

  • Scissors: We had to use them like 200 times...

You never know what you might use or not use! I can't believe I didn't have to use the Smelling Salts! Sometimes I don't even have to open up the emergency kit, and sometimes it can't come out of my sight!

What's your favorite item in your emergency kit?

(Oh and don't worry, you'll find out what that super awesome surprise is VERY soon! I am so excited about it!!!)


Stella Event Design said...

I use corsage pins a lot, and also my double stick tape, for bridesmaids who feel like their strapless dresses are falling down (they usually aren't, but the tape makes them feel better, and then they don't tug all day!)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I look forward to reading what you use after your next wedding.

I find myself using soda water and shout wipes (or the tide pen) for flower girlf mishaps.

And I used a deck of cards once too -- Not for a game of War, but to level a table. Oy!

Love & Soul Always, Kay

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