Friday, May 16, 2008

Communication is Key!

My mother was a big proponent of communication - there was one time, when I was 10 or 11, I dis-owned my sister, like literally told her that I wasn't her sister anymore. And I hated her. (Kim, I love you, you are my sister and my best friend - I officially apologize for disowning you 20+ years ago, I hope you can forgive me). My mother forced to me realize that we needed to talk this out, and she was my sister no matter what.

Anyway, back to communication - this is all relative, I promise!

As a business person, communication is a tremendous part of my job, I have to communicate with my clients, I have to communicate with vendors, I need to make sure that vendors communicate with each other.

Just recently we had a problem with a florist that was asked by a bride to have extra Red Roses for a wedding cake, the bride paid for these extra flowers, and when the cake was being set up, the florist brought over 5 red roses (instead of the 40 that were paid for) that were half dead, and when the cake baker picked them up, the petals all fell off. Not only is that bad communication, but bad business.

I then had to run to the local grocery store and buy new flowers.

Apparently, I'm not the only one having this type of problem with this florist, they have been confirmed for specific items and not brought them, or actually told another vendor that they weren't needed for an event, even though they were!!!!

Everyone is afraid to talk to this vendor about their behavior, but someone needs to - looks like those skills my mommy taught me will come in handy.
{Cake by KB Kake Kreations - more on that cake on Monday}
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