Thursday, May 1, 2008

Cake Construction

Selecting your style of cake can be confusing! And keeping in mind your cake design will depend on a lot of different considerations. Most couples prefer to save the top layer from the wedding cake for a future anniversary celebration.

But a lot of bakers are now offering a free voucher for a duplicate top layer of your cake on your anniversary. Some couples prefer this over 1 year old cake.

There are several styles of wedding cakes:

Stacked Cakes: This is where the layers are directly on top of one another.
Pillar and Plate Stacked Cakes: Notice there are supports in-between each layer of cakes.

{Image from Maisie Fantaisie}

Center Pole Cakes: This is the style of cake stand that uses a single column to support the tiers of the cake.

{Image from Slaton Bakery}

Asymmetrical Cakes: The simplest definition for this style of cake design is that the individual cakes are not aligned evenly around a central axis.

{Image from Powers Photography}

I hope you enjoyed your cake lesson today!

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