Monday, May 5, 2008

Wedding Save!

There have been so many times either prior, during or after a wedding that I think to myself, "Phew! I am so glad that I am here!!!"

There was one time in particular that I called to confirm vendors for a bride, like I always do about 2 weeks prior to the wedding - and I was told by the cake baker that the florist had called and canceled cake. The florist told the cake baker that the pastry chef at the reception location was baking the cake -and we didn't need her anymore.



How in the world does that happen?

The florist thought he'd be helpful and tell someone something that wasn't true. This wasn't the case, the bride still thought the Cake Baker was making the cake, so did I, so did the reception site.... no one ordered a cake from the mysterious reception location pastry chef, no one told him he was baking the cake...

But one person messed up the whole thing.

When I called the cake baker, I asked "Can you, please, please still bake the cake? She said "Oh yes, absolutely I can!" And she thanked me for saving the job for her, and I had to make a phone call to a florist who thought he was a planner!
And never told the bride...
This could have been such a mess!
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