Monday, May 19, 2008

Dinner Party Disaster!

There's no use in crying over spilled Milk, right? So, what happens when you invite your neighbors over for dinner for the first time - and your dinner is a disaster, how do you handle that gracefully?

Well, let me tell you what happened... I'll start from the very beginning...

Once upon a time, two couples built their houses right next door to one another - and had been promising to get together quite often. Finally, one of the neighbors, Melissa (that's me), asked them to come over for a BBQ Feast on Sunday, and they graciously accepted.

Melissa, who loves to entertain, and try out new recipes from her Gourmet Magazine - found a delicious new recipe for BBQ Pork (that takes almost 24 hours to prepare and cook), Homemade Hamburger Buns, Homemade Coleslaw, and a slew of other fantastically delicious items and decided to make it all...

Since Melissa, loved to play in the kitchen she started on Saturday letting the dough for the buns rise and baking the potatoes for the potato salad, and slices and chopping the cabbage for the slaw, preparing the meat, making the dessert....

Although the buns didn't rise as much as she hoped, they sure looked delicious, and the pork was doing great, on Sunday morning, Melissa made some more of the vinegar "mop" for the pork and continued to let it cook "low and slow" - on Sunday afternoon it was falling off the bone, and she "pulled" it off the bone and let it soak in the mop - Melissa carefully placed the BBQ Pork on a large platter and put it in the over to warm.

As it was getting closer to the time her guests were to arrive, Melissa set out some starters to munch on, got the table set, with the homemade buns, and the slaw, potato salad, tomato salad was done, looked like the best BBQ dinner EVER!

As Melissa's guests arrived we all chatted, and started to walk to the table after munching for a bit. Melissa then brought the BBQ Pork to the table, and as she reached the table, the platter slipped from her hands and in the slowest of motion it fell to the ground. As she saw the pork fall to its doom, and splatter to the floor, in a large lump of delicious 24 hour pork lump, she stared for a moment, then asked "How do you all feel about Pizza?"

So sad! All that work for spilled pork. (My husband still plans to eat it...but don't tell)
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