Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What do YOU do?

In a recent client meeting, joining us in the office were myself, the bride and her mother, along with my new intern. It started off as a very normal meeting, we were talking about her wedding, and after I offered a few suggestions on florists, then the brides mom asked "Well, what do you actually DO then?"
I was actually caught off guard (although come to find out I didn't show it) - and I went on to explain what I actually do. Which doesn't included making the bouquets (unless one breaks and it needs fixing), I don't actually bake a cake, I don't cook the food.... and so on and so forth.
It turned out to be a great meeting, we talked about the brides vision, and I pulled up Style Me Pretty on our office 52" TV screen, showed her what I felt her inspiration might be taking her, and she agreed. In the end her mother was sliding over her credit card before I had finished discussing my packages. Like I said, it was a great meeting.
Her wedding was last weekend, and the brides mother came up to me with tears glistening in her eyes and said "I asked you what you do, and well, I figured it out, you do everything!" and gave me a big gushing hug, it was truly a beautiful moment.
What do you do? ....will be continued....
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