Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Destination Ireland - Cliffs of Mohr

What a beautiful place to have a wedding!!! The first thing I thought when we arrived here - was I need to plan a wedding HERE! I mean look at these views!!!

The Cliffs of Mohr are located in County Clare, there is an on-site cafe that is available for catering, and I think I had the best quiche I've ever had in life there! And the stew was amazing!!!

Some things to keep in mind:

  • This is a public site, so make sure you know the rules when planning an event here.

  • It is super windy here, so beware - no tents!!! It would act like a huge kite- YIKES!

  • The weather is slightly unpredictable, we started our day a bit misty, but then it was beautiful, then it started to rain...

  • Definitely plan in the summer, it can cold other times of the year

Here are some other pictures of the Cliffs of Mohr - simply amazing!

It's windy! Forget about good hair days! And it's cold, look at how people are dressed - remember we went in the winter, it was between 30-40 degrees (0-10 C)
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