Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hello from Ireland!!!

We have had a heck of a time with Internet! There was none in the Dublin hotel and we don't have dial up in the castle - so I am sneaking some Internet outside the castle, but I wanted to send you some pictures of the amazingness that we are experiencing! It is sure beautiful here! Tux the penguin is having a great time too!

Check out some pictures!

Tux before his international flight - making friends:

Sissy, Chris, Me and John on top of Dublin at Guinness Storehouse:
Me with the best Pint of Guinness E.V.E.R:Tux at the Stockades (just being a goof ball):

Tux making friends:So far things have been great! The weather is so strange though, it changes in an instant - we had a sunny morning, and then 2 minutes later it pours rain and then 5 minutes after that it's snowing, back to rain, then sunny all over again. It's hard to dress for.

We'll catch up again soon!

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