Monday, March 31, 2008

I heart Cupcakes!

Okay, who doesn't really enjoy a cupcake every once in a while... One of my favorite blogs recently posted about a very chic cupcake stand...

So I hate to do this, but I am going to... did you know that Martha Stewart is running a Cutest Cupcake Contest? Well, I went ahead and entered... check them out and if you like mine, would you rate it and comment...

Tomorrow more beautiful weddings!

** Update, since you won't leave me alone, and I've received tons of emails telling me that these aren't cupcakes... let me tell you that THEY ARE CUPCAKES- seriously!!!

You take your favorite cupcake recipe (box or from scratch) bake them in regular cup cake tins... then when cool- use your favorite icing.. once iced... then take mini marshmallows and rip them in half and stick them to the icing... then take some yellow food coloring and water, and brush onto the tops of the cup cakes...

If you want the tubs... then print out on regular paper red and blue stripes, then a label that says Pop Corn... cut to size and tape behind... you are done and done!

So there, they are cupcakes for real!
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