Monday, November 5, 2012

Wedding Contracts

Your wedding is one large business transaction.

Plain and simple.

I know its the day you marry your best friend, your soul mate, the one you cannot imagine growing old without. But even if you get married at the court house, you are still signing a contract: 1. Marriage Contract and 2. The agreement to pay the courthouse.

So, how can you protect your assets?

First, and this seems obvious, read the gosh darned thing. Read the contract, it is there for a reason, to protect you and your wedding professionals. It should state what the vendor you are hiring IS doing for you and ISN'T doing.

They are providing your food, they are providing 121 plates, 234 forks, 234 knives, they are letting you in for set up at 5PM and breakdown must be completed by midnight. (obviously they are just examples, but you get the idea).

There will be a lot of corporate mumbo jumbo mixed into the contract, but you need to make sure that you understand the terms, when payments are due, how much is due, what happens if you are late?

This is where a Professional Wedding Planner can come into play, they read these contracts every-single-day and can let you if something is questionable, or if it's above board.

I mean really, how often do you plan a party for 200 of your closest friends and family?

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