Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Holiday Bucket List

My friend Amanda, over at Realistically Domestic just posted this idea of a Holiday Bucket list, and I was seconds earlier thinking I needed to do something similar. So, here goes.

This Christmas our family has so much to be thankful for. So.Much. As some of you know, Zachary (our now One Year Old) was very sick at Christmastime last year. In fact, the day after Christmas he was hospitalized for the first time after he was born. He was sick. Really sick. I only confessed to a handful of people how sick he was. I was scared. Terrified that he would be taken from us. And confused at why this amazing blessing we just had been given, would be given to us, just to be taken so soon.

At the very same time, my husband's business of 19 years was falling apart, our finances were a disaster, we could possibly loose our home, we had no income coming in, and had just started a new, brand new venture that seemed to be falling apart. All at one time.

It was a tough year, and this year carried over some of that mess.

Finally, this September things are looking up. We found out why Zachary had been so sick, and are working on getting our smiley little munchkin better, business is growing, and we finally have a steadying income from our new business venture.

This year has been tough.

But, even with all of this hard heart ache, I feel so beyond blessed. And that is why I am going to write my Holiday Bucket List, to hold myself accountable for all of the things that I want to do and give back, for all those that supported us this past year.

My Holiday Bucket List
  1. Go to a Christmas Tree Lighting and Play in the Snow.
  2. Visit Santa with the boys
  3. Help a Family in Need
  4. Volunteer to help those in Need
  5. Remind myself daily of the blessings I have
  6. Make Hot Apple Cider at least once a week
  7. Spend Time with my friends
  8. Make amends with a family member
  9. Celebrate Christmas Eve with our Family and Friends
  10. Go to Midnight Mass
  11. Drive around to see the lights with Gabriel.
  12. Make sure Gabriel understands the true meaning of Christmas
  13. Make sure our Christmas Cards go out on time
  14. Spend Quality time with my husband
  15. Help the hubs get the outside Christmas Decor done
  16. Go to as many Christmas Parties as we can
  17. Move the Elf around every night (and make sure he gets into some mischief).
  18. Spend quality time with my kids
  19. Hold a Christmas Party for my husband's staff
  20. Not worry so much about work, and focus on my friends and family
  21. Bake Cookies and Treats for all of my neighbors
  22. Thank the person who made sure we had a Christmas last year (and pay it forward)
  23. Really take the time to "take in" what is around me
  24. Watch my Sappy Fa La La La Lifetime Christmas Movies with a box of tissues
  25. Make sure Gabriel and Zachary have the best Christmas ever.
Do you have a holiday bucket list? If you do, link up here!
This is the holiday bucket list linky. Only post links to your bucket list. NOTHING ELSE WILL BE ALLOWED. The bucket list runs from December 1st through January 31st and you can have as many items on your list as you'd like!


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Amanda Freeman said...

I remember praying so much for you and your family last year. We had our little guys around the same time and I could feel your heartache. I am so happy that things turned around for you! Thank you for your constant optimism in the face of trying times. You are an inspiration! Happy to have you on the linky! xoxo

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