Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Mascara Project - Almay i-color

The next mascara I tried was, Almay's i-color. It promises:

Intensify your very unique eye color. Oversized mascara brush with tapered tip finds and flaunts every lash to instantly double the look of your lashes. Our patented formula with light catching minerals won't clump or smudge.

Looks like this in the store:

My Opinion:
For me, this mascara was just okay. Nothing super fabulous. I didn't notice a huge difference in the "plump" category. But then again, maybe I don't have "unique" eye color, my eyes are brown. Like just brown. Nothing amazing. I'm pretty sure my eyes are the opposite of stare into and lose yourself. 
The brush reminded me of a brush from my mascara in High School... nothing fancy. The color the mascara was browner than I was used to. Although, it did not clump.I didn't feel like when the light was shinning that my lashes were anything fantastic. I almost felt like from the sales pitch that my eyes were going to glitter and gleam like Edward and Bella laying in a field of wild flowers. Notsomuch.
Left: Nekked Eye                            Right: Almay Intense i-color
Cost: $5.99

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Wedding Beauty said...

Seeing the picture it totally convinced me. Seeing the price is the last of the details I need to try it!

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