Monday, November 21, 2011

Silhouette Decor

Although we have a soft spot for fall weddings that are rustic and full of foliage, they can be just as autumn-tastic when celebrated with more sophisticated, classic decor.

That's why we are completely captivated by this silhouette pumpkin we found at Oh Lovely Day!

Via Oh Lovely Day! Via HGTV

Not only is this pumpkin a perfect addition to your wedding decor, it is completely DIY and you can find simple instructions right here.

As an added bonus, if think silhouettes are as classical-istic and chic as we do, you can compliment your darling DIY pumpkin with a just as wonderful cake topper from April Foster Events!
via April Foster Events

How sweet and sophisticated are those?! It gets better...they're DIY, too! (too good to be true, I know) Make your own by clicking here and you can create a completely one-of-a-kind cake topper that is sure to be a hit at your celebration!

Would you guys make your own decor for your wedding? 


Marcela @ Wholesale Flowers Co. said...

I love making my own flower arrangements, Im pretty crafty so that helps a lot!

unique wedding favors said...

I have always loved using silhouettes as well. Very pretty pics!

Tamara Nicole said...

The silhouettes are so cute as cake toppes! Love this:-)

aaron john said...

i must say that the image of those couple in pure black is very sweet..
venue finders

RoseAllen@ Hawaii Wedding said...

I love this cake topper very very nicely done.

John said...

Lovely decorations. i really loved it. the cake maker is done really wonderful job. wedding cake is superb to bought anyone's wedding easily, but this type of wedding cake is rare to seen it. so the wedding planner is like to buy this cake soon.

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