Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Every Miracle deserves Another

As I am about to enter a newly new chapter of my life, I am well, at a loss for words, which doesn't happen ever often for me. So, I am going to let him explain....

Top Image taken my friend Amanda with SWOONOVERIT

My Mommy is having a baby brother for me, his name will be Zachary. My Mommy and Daddy tell me all the time that I am a miracle and that my brother is too. I am not sure what that means, but this little miracle is excited to show Zachary how to ride a tricycle, and eat Cheerios, and play with cars and read books, and color, and play with toys, and, and, and a lot of other stuff too!

I guess that means that Zachary is a miracle too. So that's cool. But now that I am a big brother, I feel like this is a big responsib.. responsibil.... a big deal. So, I promise to be a good big brother, and show Zachary all the super duper fun stuff, like running around naked in the rain, and brushing your teeth, Seasme Street, how to dance and the funnest part falling down!

So, while Mommy is busy, she said her friends are going to take over her blob. She won't be gone long, I promise!

Wuv you!


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RoseAllen@ Hawaii Wedding said...

I love the photos and I simply adore the baby pictures. My reaction was to pinch it. LOL...

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