Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY Week Part 5

For the last day of this Do-It-Yourself Week I wanted to share these doily lanterns with you that I think are SO adorable and creative from Glamour & Grace! Who would have thought doilies could be so awesome, elegant, and fantastic all at the same time?!?

These are not your Gramma's Doily's!

To Make These Lanterns: 
   Step 1: Take your rubber ball or balloon and place it in a small dish to keep it steady while you work. Put a piece of wax paper underneath the ball to protect the dish. Begin placing the doilies on the ball, making sure the edges slightly overlap. This is what will keep the orb together after the fabric stiffener dries.
   Step 2Once you have the doilies arranged how you want them, pour some fabric stiffener onto the palate or wax paper. Start painting the fabric stiffener onto the doily, ensuring you cover every bit, otherwise it won’t harden and the uncoated parts will sag.
   Step 3: Leave a small opening somewhere to insert your LED tea light.
   Step 4: Let the doilies dry overnight to ensure they are COMPLETELY dry. 
   Step 5:  Once the doilies are dry, use a blade to pop the balloon/rubber ball. Carefully pull the ball out through the hole you left open in the doilies. And Vio'la! 

You can even attach a ribbon to hang them around your event!

How much do you guys love these lanterns?!?


Luisa said...

Lovely! Actually not a bad idea for an xmas bobble too! Thanks for sharing Xx

A Timeless Event said...

I surprisingly find the doily lanterns to be very sweet. They lend a feeling of nostalgia as well as romance. Thank you for the post.

kennady said...

It's an useful lanterns creating steps for the wedding planning couples.If any one needs help to plan a wedding,they may use the wedding app and make full use of it.

Mo said...

Beautiful! I will have to keep in my Wedding planning scrapbook!

Wedding Invitations said...

Its awesome...thanks for the tutorial of such beautifull doilies .They could be so awesome, elegant, and fantastic all at the same time.

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