Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspired Cake

Getting married is a big step (or giant leap. po-tay-to, pa-tahhhh-to) into the big world of adult-hood. Starting a new life with someone you love is without a doubt a very mature decision.

However, that does not mean that your inner child cannot come out a play from time to time, which is why we are absolutely enamored with this adorabler and super fun cake,by  Dream Day Cakes This cake was designed for the opening of a play at one of our local theaters, but we find it so inspiring for many aspects of crazy cakery deliciousness!

This cuteness is via Dream Day Cakes
How fun and just plain adorable is this cake?! It's so playful, carefree, and most likely ridiculously delicious.

Does anyone else suddenly have a strange craving for coloring books and cake?


detalle said...

Love this pictures perfect wedding thank you to share

John said...

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Wedding Invitations said...

Such a cute cake :D I loooove this.

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