Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Creative Candle Uses

Candlelight is super romantical; its a fact. But there are many different uses for candles on your wedding day than to simply "set the mood/tone/whatever."

For instance, candles can be used as centerpieces:

Via Martha Stewart
Candles as centerpieces are not only beautiful and elegant, they also give off extra light for an outdoor wedding or a space with dimmed lighting.
Candles can also be used as favors for your guests:
Via Wedding Collections

Adorable, right?! Your guests will love this sweet and personal wedding favor. Candle wedding favors come in a variety of designs and many can even be custom made, so you'll be sure to find the perfect fit for your big day.

In addition, candles can be used to light the way:
Via Ormonde Productions
Not only is this candle lit pathway beautiful, it's also functional!

Candles have so many different purposes on your wedding day that it's almost impossible not to use them.
Via The Wood Wife
...and okay, they can still be used to set the mood.


Unknown said...

I love the candle tips! They always make for a great photo op!

John david said...

I like that candle light romantically set the mood easily. moreover the wedding planner is decorate this idea for our wedding receptions.

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