Monday, August 18, 2008

Tell me how many...

So, I was talking to a florist friend of mine the other day, and he was telling me that a fair amount of bride's recently have been asking for the exact number of blooms that will be in their bouquet.

And, while I feel this is a valid question, my concern is this. Let's say the bride wants about 40 roses in her bouquet, but she wants it to be this big. And when the flowers come in, they are a bit smaller than normal, so to compensate the florist should add some extra roses to the bouquet. But if your contract says 40 roses... well, they shouldn't and probably wouldn't add any blooms.

The bride would then be disappointed in the size.... but the florist did what the contract said.

The bouquet in the picture above has about 30 stems... sounds like alot, but in reality, it's about average... so keep in mind when talking to your florist, you want your bouquets measured in size not in stems.

[that almost sounds like "Fish are Friends not Food] - [Measure in Size not Stems]

{Source: The Flower Expert}


*Michelle said...

I think this seems like one of those things that we should be flexible, AND trust the pro to be a pro. If you tell the florist you want X amount of THIS flower and they go to the market and find out that THAT flower is 10 times its normal price AND isn't looking all that great... they need to have the flexibility to put their professional experience and training to work to get a substitute flower that looks beautiful and is in budget.

Nothing better than a Disney reference in wedding planning. =)

krystal Radlinski, at The k Gallery said...

Such a great point to make about size!

As a photographer we sometimes see our petite brides swallowed up by huge bouquets and sometimes the opposite with our plus size brides. Achieving the appropriate scale is what is most important, not the numbers or what is exactly pictured in a magazine. (Not to mention those bad-boys can get heavy after the first hour!)

I agree that most professional florists can really help a bride with both choosing an appropriate size and with more affordable substitutions as Michelle said so much more eloquently.

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