Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pink vs. Pink

As I sat in church this weekend, it was clear to me that there was a wedding on Saturday. The flowers on the alter were just a big more lush and beautiful than usual. And I as glanced ahead there was a wedding program that was pink and brown in the pocket in front of me. So, of course I had to peek.

But this got me thinking. I started thinking about a wedding that we did a few years ago where the bride had specifically asked for a explicit flower. A very specific rose, and then asked the florist to provide other flowers and roses that coordinated with that specific rose. Let’s call them Pinky Roses.

When the bride was presented her bouquet filled with Pinky Roses and others, it was amazing! Simply incredible! The bride loved it! Until she caught a glimpse of a bucket of garden roses in the tent for d├ęcor. She then decided that Pinky Roses in her bouquet were wrong and they were too peach in color, and she wanted it fixed. She wanted the Garden Roses to replace the Pinky Roses, immediately!

I explained to the florist the predicament, and they explained to me, showed me the contact, and re-explained that Pinky Roses were what she wanted. At that point, it really didn’t matter, she now wanted the Garden Roses. The florists fixed the bouquet and the bride was happy.

But as I sat there in church, I looked at the altar arrangement, and saw pink Gerbera Daisy’s and Pink Roses, and Pink Mums and thought, hmmmmm…..
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