Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Invite Etiquette 102

Today Invitation Consultants tackle attire... this is a question I ask of all of my brides, what are they expecting their guests to wear. You can very easily accomplish this task by the formality of the invitation.

• How do I notate what attire is requested/required?

What Emily Post would say…you only need to notate the dress if the reception and wedding are held at the same location. Also, if the event is Black or White Tie, you’d want to indicate so in the bottom right corner of your reception card (or invitation if applicable).

What we have to add…for non-formal weddings, consider using the word of mouth or wedding website approach. Although you don’t need to notate the dress on your invitations, a lot of guests may ask you what they should wear (I had a beach wedding, and a LOT of people were unsure of the appropriate dress). This could save you some phone calls, which is always a plus. Please also make the distinction between requested and required. For example, if the country club is requiring jackets and ties from the gentleman for entry, then say so. However, if you are requesting costumes, then you can indicate this, but you cannot require it of your guests.

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