Monday, August 25, 2008

Let's Eat Cake!!!

There are so many amazing things happening with Let's Eat Cake! please check it ou! Also a few bits of information:
  • Let's Eat Cake! is a fundraiser, supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital, which means that we need your help, and every little bit helps, $5, $10, $100, $1000 - whatever you can do to help is very needed!
  • Our Save The Dates went out this week! So, if you are a baker and want to participate, let me know if you don't get a Save The Date and need one {thank you Lucky Designs!!!}
  • We are going to have Let's Eat Cake! Website soon!
And most importantly, check the blog for updates! Thanks for your support!! Really, Thank you! {Image: Caroline Johnson Photography - Cake by KB Kake Creations}
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