Monday, August 9, 2010

Hire Professionals

I feel like I've been on a tangent lately about hiring professionals. This is your wedding, you want it to be amazing. You want it to be perfect! And I know you wouldn't hire a dentist to cut a mole off of your back and tell you if it was cancerous or not.

So why would you hire a photographer off of let's say C.raig's List, the one person who will document, your most amazing day, the person who will provide you with the one thing you'll have after your wedding to remember all of the details, to recall your friends and most precious family members that celebrated your wedding day with you.

And sadly, in some instances the last family event that your elder family members may attend!

Okay, stepping off of my soap box now... but read this, the point of the post to begin with.

Photo by: Rae Leytham Photography (check out the bright background, and how you can can still see the bride and groom's faces and the color of her dress and the detail of her gown, the blue of the sky, the feather embelsihment in her hair....professional.)


Making Your Event Special said...

Great Post!! So many couples do exactly this and just hire anyone. The thing is, they do realize they should have hired professionals but unfortunately AFTER their event.

Anonymous said...

I actually hired a photographer off of Craigslist for my sister's wedding. You might say I got lucky, but I did my research before hiring. The photographer was starting his own business and had a lot of talent, very professional and handled the evening VERY well. Sometimes people need to start somewhere, and I think as long as you do your homework and make sure that they know what they're doing and can handle their job in a professional manner, it can be a win win relationship. So I disagree with a lot of this "Hire a professional" gripe. Just make sure to do your homework, as in, check to see their work and ask for references and such. I myself am an amateur baker and have done mind blowing cakes for family and friends. The key here is to do your research!

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