Friday, August 13, 2010

Hire Professionals - Cake Baker

Most of you have probably been introduced to Cake Wrecks, and that site has been endless enjoyment for our office!

It's part of the inspiration for this post. Imagine you go to your baker, and tell this you want a cake that is similar to this:

And then they tell you that's no problem, it should be a breeeeeeeeeeeeeze. And when your cake is delivered, set and ready to cut, you see this:

How do you avoid this?

Hire a professional baker, that is used to the area you live, humidity and heat can make big differences to cakes. Some areas can tolerate buttercream in the summer (we can't), some cakes shouldn't be outside period.

Some bakeries do other things, like sell groceries, check their prices and WHO is going to baking your cake. That can make a big difference. And honestly, the prices aren't all that different. In fact, you think you are saving money, and most of the time. You aren't.

Thanks Cake Wrecks for the use of the pictures on your site!


Karry said...

That photograph is a nightmare. Brides, please trust professionals!

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

This just goes to show that bakers do smoke crack if they think that cake looks similar at all!

Melissa said...

So true. Any money that may be saved is lost when you get a cake less than your expectations. Go with the professional who knows what they are doing and is familiar with the way different elements like heat and altitude effect the overall cake.

Aine Ireland said...

Thak cake looked similar to a firien of mine, not a good look. People didnt even want to bring a piece home. Its one day to remember, it should be done right.

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