Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cake Toppers!

I love cake toppers that are fun and different, I found these on one of my favorite sites, Etsy.com. Have you heard of it?

If you haven't it's the best thing to happen to the wedding industry, since, well, since cake!

Etsy is chock full of designers and crafters that make stuff, like hand-made fun stuff!

You can find these toppers on Etsy, here.


Krystal Radlinski at Verve Studio said...

So cute! These remind me of the fisher price toys of my childhood.

Honeymoon registry said...

Those are so cute. i like it so much not to mention I love hand-made stuffs.

Hannah Hodgson said...

I love etsy too, great for origional ideas, stuff that is not mass made!

2010 Wedding Dresses said...

what a lovely dog! cut. jeje

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