Thursday, August 19, 2010

6 Reasons to Hire a Pro

I promise this is the last of our Hire a Freakin' Professional... post extravagazza!

I was chatting with Russell Martin (a professional photographer) and he brought up 6 good reasons from a photographers point of view on why to hire a pro.

1. Will have a complete set of backup equipment

2. Will probably be familiar with the venue and know the best places for great photos.

3. Will be able to help plan your wedding timeline to achieve the best lighting for their portraits and make the best use of the available time. (if you plan a sunset wedding you better have a first look or the bride and groom portraits will be done in the dark)

4. Will remain professional under a stressful situation

5. Will have professional lighting equipment for most situations and will know how to balance artificial with available light

6. Will typically be familiar with the order of most religious ceremonies and will be sensitive to their different requirements

See, more than just great pictures!


Inka said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that you have a great blog here! LOve reading you!

Claire said...

Love this article. It gives some great points for a person to think about when they are deciding between having a friend take photos or hiring a professional. said...

This is very true! Not to mention a profession planner can probably get better deals from vendors because they see planners as "repeat business" for a lifetime!

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