Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wedding Seating for Loved Ones

Found via Style me Pretty
I am hearing from brides all the time that they want to recognize a departed loved one, but not make their program read like a funeral card, or not do enough to show that their mom, dad, grandparent, sister, aunt or uncle, (insert passed on loved one here), how much they truely meant to you.

I think this way is just lovely. A gorgeous timeless photograph showing that your mom/dad/grandparent would have or is sitting here.


Only Bridesmaids said...

It's a great idea on the one hand but on the other it will remind all about sadness and that event and person. It shodul be probably about a family member to do that...

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow Wow - this picture is amazing - I love the light it looks not real.

The bride also has the perfect look for the picture

great job

Jaipur wedding planners said...

Gorgeous picture! I agree with methew "it looks not real".

Wedding Venues Somerset said...

nice pic ...good one

Anonymous said...

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