Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIY Garter

I was blog hopping today and I came across this awesome DIY project, this is the DIY project for any DIY'er...

Some brides get crazy and try to DIY their cake, and some DIY their bouquet, but I mean really... these are time consuming things.

What about a DIY garter!

Totally Stolen from here

I know how busy you are... and this is the awesometastic DIY... of all DIY projects!


Jaso Molia said...

This is awesome! !

Anonymous said...

Who wouldnt love any one of these but…since I have to pick just one, we would love to display Shutterfly’s engagement book at the wedding for the guests to enjoy and for us to enjoy many years down the road :) What a better keepskae for memories than a photobook? :)

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hebebride said...

wonderful DIY ideas, love that

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