Thursday, October 4, 2012

Rae Leytham: Amazing Photography

I believe that a photographer's sole job is to capture your wedding on film and tell a story, your wedding story.

So when looking for your wedding photographer, ask to look at their albums (digital or book or whatever) and if you can't really see a story, then well, you've been warned.

When I saw this wedding on Rae Leytham's site, I just knew I was smitten with this couple, and I hadn't even met them. Yet I felt like I was totally at their wedding.... maybe I was the Maid of Dishonor in my head... did I just say that outloud?

This was just a snippet from this amazing couple's wedding, check out Rae's blog for more gorgeousness!

What was your determining factor when looking for your photographer?


Anonymous said...

Amazing wedding dress, one of the best wedding photo ever...

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Wedding Invitations UK said...

The wedding looks amazing.

Love the cake, big ACDC fan and that's really cool.

novia said...

Amazing photos! And I especially love the night one.

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