Monday, October 22, 2012

Tree Wedding Cake Stand

Borrowed from Ruffled Blog
 I love the look of a rustic cake stand, and honestly, can you get more rustic than a big ole' slab of wood? Prolly not.

What I love is that both of these cakes are very different, one is tone on tone (meaning white on white) with branches intertwined around the middle layer.

And the other has big huge romantic blooms and succulents cascading down the cake.

via Style me Pretty on Pinterest

While they sit atop a slab of wood.

Romantical and Eco Friendly? I'd say so.


Lilia Mossy said...

Awesome cakes! They give a vintage sense and I feel eternal love!Love this idea!

Beach Wedding Florida said...

Nice cakes, they look soooo yummy! I love the cake stand too, I'll be having that on my wedding. I love the idea. By the way, thanks for sharing.

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