Thursday, August 9, 2012

Silhouette Cake Toppers

It is no suprise that we LOVE silhouettes, and cake toppers silhousettes are so romantical and fun! With a slight bit of mysterious'ness mixed in.

Love how the silhouettes take center stage on the simplistic all-white cakes.


Carolyn said...

love these toppers :X

Chelsea Johnn said...

I really like this a lot! I have been put in charge of most of the wedding planning for my cousins wedding that is coming up in about two or so months. They just can't decide on what they want on top of their cake. I will have to suggest this to them. Thanks again for the great ideas!

Andre Blais said...

Those are great they have a real timeless look to them, thanks for sharing!

HandMade Wedding Invitations said...

Love silhouettes! I think I recently saw a lovely silhouette wedding theme as well!

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