Friday, June 29, 2012

Succulent Bouquet

How gorgeous is this bouquet?! Succulents in bouquets has been a big trend lately, and for a good reason, it's romantic and fresh!

This bouquet is great for many reasons, it's not a big ball of flowers, so it's unique in its form. But you can plant the succulents after the wedding, and keep them forever!

And you can't go wrong with an added peacock feather in the mix!


Personalized Wedding Favors said...

The image in the post is much beautiful, i really enjoyed that one . I think the succulent bouquet is good one in servicing the clients.

Aurea said...

The peacock feather is the highlight of this beautiful bouquet. This is very fresh and amazing.

Wedding Invitations UK said...

The feather is an amazingly lovely touch to the bouquet. Very gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Love the succulents! I'm recently engaged and I love this look.

Wiz Reviewer said...

Amazing bouquet.
It really shows how something different can catch the eye and great use of simple things that when put together have a long lasting impression.

I have seen other couples on budgets moving away from the expensive prices of roses and moving to the new and
amazing ostrich feather centerpieces for wedding or

prom dresses said...

So gorgeous!

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