Thursday, June 7, 2012

Multi-colored Bridesmaid Shoes


We've talked about white bridesmaids dresses before, and regardless of how you feel about them, this combination is just fantastic, all of the bright pops of colors with the heels and the way the brides' bouquet ties it all together is just plain awesometastic!

We love this... what do you think?


Rachel said...

I absolutely love this! My cousin got married in a gorgeous white lace dress and teamed it with Tiffany blue heels. Looked stunning! I really like the idea of incorporating this into the bridal party. The photos would be gorgeous :)

Wedding Theme Party said...

Really nice post.First i like pink hells is the best looking in white dresses.

sarah said...

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Heres one of the many designs
I love this

Angelina Clarke said...
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Angelina Clarke said...

firstly I like the bridal dress ups that you have shown in your blog. But I strongly recommend that wearing multicolored shoes on white and silver apparels can only become a successful idea if a bride is going flowers in her hand and the flowers should also be in the same color as that of shoe.
Angelina Clarke from Silver High Heels .

Lady Anne said...

Somehow I agree with Angelina Clarke that the flowers should also be in the same with the shoes of the bridesmaids but all in all, this idea is very amazing and oh so colorful! Such a festive wedding.

John david said...

Amazing photo. Awesome bridal shoes, wedding dresses and flower bouquets. I like this ideas to get a wedding photographer is take this photos.

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