Monday, June 11, 2012

Awesometastic Details and Giveaway: Shoes

Details, details, details, they're the little touches that make the wedding completely unique to the couple.

If you had awesometastic details at your wedding send us your pictures!

Because 1) We would love to see them (we really enjoy daydreaming over pretty wedding pictures) and 2) we're having a giveaway of something sparkly and shiny for our readers with the most awesometastic wedding details! Trust me you will want it, you will love it, and you will regret not sending in your favorite details once the prize is announced.

Katie had gorgeous personal details at her wedding, instead of changing dresses this girl changed shoes SEVEN times! Here's just a few pics of her shoes, all in amazing vibrant colors of course.

All photography by Verve Studio

1.) Enter away, you can enter as many pictures as you want. You must have permission to use the image (either by the photograper or the owner of the image)
2.) Brides and wedding pros can both enter for the giveaway.
3.) We always accept details, but this giveaway ends June 30, so get those pictures in!
4.) We love our international readers, but we can only send our giveaway in the U.S. 
5.) Send pictures to Melissa {at} awesometasticblog{dot}com. 

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Corinna said...

What a great idea and much, much cheaper than having multiple dresses. I'm all about the shoes so I'm thinking this is pretty fabulous.

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