Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awesometastic Details and Giveaway: Cake Toppers

In case you didn't see the post yesterday, we're doing an awesometastic giveaway to readers who send in their  pictures featuring unique wedding details! We're taking submissions all month, and trust us you'll want to win!

These cake toppers are another detail Katie had at her wedding that we couldn't get enough of, they were the toppers on her parent's wedding cake!

All photography by Verve Studio

Go check out the rules for the giveaway and send your pics to Melissa {at} awesometasticblog{dot}com.


Easy Recipes said...

Please also write some Easy Recipes of cakes for us !

Rachel said...

I love that "wedding rules" are constantly being broken. I've never seen anyone put cake toppers on cupcakes for their wedding, but it's supper cute! I didn't even use a cake topper at all for my wedding cake. I used a brooch on the front of the cake instead. Both ideas are fun, and both break the rules somewhat!

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