Monday, February 20, 2012

Tu-tu cute!

Flower girl dresses are such a blast to shop around for. Miniature anything is just adorable, especially when is frilly, full of weddingness and most importantly...made of tulle.

Tulle is just too fantastically precious for words and is guaranteed to make any flower girl feel like a princess (us grown-up princesses love it too, we can't deny it.). So, this new trend of tutus for flower girl dresses makes us SO excited. It is tu-tu-toooo cute!

Here are a few pictures we found that show exactly how adorable tutu flower girl outfits are:

Via Etsy
Via Etsy via Natalie K Photography
Via Janet Manuel Photography
The best part? They can be found in a ton of Etsy shops...or you can even make them by hand if you're feeling crafty! Youtube has some really great DIY Tulle Tutu videos... and yes, we have totally used them.

Would you say "I do!" to the tutu?


Paula said...

I love these little angels from the first picture :X:X:X

Sam said...

Cute Kids. Looking gorgeous

cheap wedding dress said...

wow ,so cute .

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