Monday, February 6, 2012

Happy Anniversary! Idea

So while I mainly deal with getting people married to begin with, you know, being a wedding planner and all, that still doesn't mean there's work to be done afterwards!

At the risk of stating the obvious, anniversaries only come around once a year. For this reason, they should be extra special! I thought this idea from Black and White {Side by Side} was just so sweet and a really fun way to celebrate every year! You can do this with flowers, cupcakes, balloons, ahem, jewelry!

There's one balloon for every year they've been married (in this case, 15) and a photo from each year is attached to the bottom. 

How fantastical is this idea?!?


Annalisa said...

loooveee your idea!!!! so nice!

hermionerose said...

wow, I love this! :)

Liz- Image3D said...

Aww that is awesome! We have people order reels for an anniversary all the time with each reel being a different year of the marriage, its so cute!

prom dresses said...

Wow, so many balloons, very beautiful!

Jen said...

wow, 15 years. thanks for sharing. I will try something similar, maybe some customized stamps.

John david said...

Wow wonderful decorations. i loved it more. nice idea to thing and decor a happy anniversary.. The wedding planner also a good decorator to decor a wedding and more functions..if you need decor your wedding use this wedding planner.

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