Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Messages of Love and Cookies

Since it is Valentine's Day, we over at Masterpiece Weddings are filling our day with love-love-love, as much chocolate as allowed (which is a lot, trust me), the one's who fill our heart with joy, and these adorable Candy Heart imitation cookies brought to us by the always fabulous Williams-Sonoma.

via Williams-Sonoma
These cookies are not only completely delicious looking (they're not chocolate-covered, but we'll let it slide this time), but they are simple to create with help from this cookie cutter. Not only that, but they would be a great addition to any wedding reception!

I hope your day is as lovey-dovey as humanly possible!


Brent Carver said...

The cookies look fantastic!

Michael said...

These cookies are fantastic and so appropriate for Valentine's Day

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