Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Spy Wedding Game

I Spy with my little eye....someone in love! I Spy with my little eye....the most gorgeous cake ever! I Spy with my little eye....well I think someone that supposed to be dancing? We've all played the I Spy game as a kid, so why forget about it now that we're older?

This I Spy Camera Game would be so much fun at your wedding and a great way to keep guests occupied and involved in your special day! An extra plus? You get more wedding pictures out of it-ones you don't even have to pose and smile for!

Photo From: The Wedding Bee

Photo From: Etsy

What are some of the most memorable moments you've spied at weddings??


prom dresses said...

Really funny, good luck!

Alyx said...

soo nice!! loveee this

Jim Unger said...

Love this idea!

Jim Unger
Ninety Nine Entertainment

Amanda Young said...

Dude, were you at Karen + Jonathan Hamilton's wedding with me? They had designed one of these at their wedding that was AMAZING! Actually, so amazing that I might still have one somewhere..... maybe.

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