Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kid's Corner

Although the planning might be considered one of the most stressful aspects of the wedding experience, sometimes it feels as thought the thought of entertaining kids at the actual ceremony may come in at a close second.

Have you thought about inviting that one Aunt you have but don't really want to imagine her 6 kids running rampant?

Or wanted to attend a wedding but didn't want to spend the night chasing your kids around because you couldn't find a sitter?

Well fear no more- if you know there is a possibility that there will be several kids at your wedding, you may want to invest in the creation of a kid's corner. Spending a little extra cash hiring a professional sitter and providing them with some distraction toys may make your night a whole lot more enjoyable-as well as the night of their parents! 
Table as seen in: Intimate Weddings

Personal tins eliminate the need for sharing-because we all know how that can go-or....not go. 

Photo Taken From: Kate Parker

Photo Taken From: Kate Parker

Markers, and play-do, and toys, oh my! You may even need to look for some of your "adult" wedding guests at these tables! 

What are some of your ideas to keep kids busy during a wedding reception??

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Perennial Weddings said...

Love this idea. Did it at mine and recommend it for all my brides (I'm a wedding coordinator in Costa Rica). We had a kid's table and put their parents at the table next to it. The kids ate and played at the table with all their coloring books, etc. They could do what they wanted. All the parents thanked me and loved the idea!

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