Friday, December 16, 2011

Fairytale Reception Sign

The wedding day is the one day every girl dreams of from the time she's a little girl-the one day on which she gets to be the princess in her own fairytale.

What better way to keep the fairytale alive than with this sign from Etsy pointing guests in the direction of the reception??

Photo taken by: My Primitive Boutique 

 Hope everyone has a magical holiday weekend!


Karen @ Wholesale Flowers Co said...

Love it! is it a DIY??? I totally want one for mine!!!!!

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Online Russian Brides said...

I agree on that! I am actually planning for my wedding by next year and I am looking forward to have one on my wedding. I also got some ideas from my Russian women brides friends who just got married this year. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Have a great day!

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