Thursday, December 8, 2011

Groomsmen Gifts

The holiday season has a lot to do with giving, we figured we'd honor that spirit by reminding you about a few people you don't want to leave out on your wedding-your wedding party! The people who will be with you through the whole process, help calm your nerves, as well as help you survive your bachelor/bachelorette parties!

Let's focus on the guys. Forget about fighting hordes of people to get to checkout lines, racing a mom to the shelf for the last "it-toy" in the store, and painstakingly long trips to the mall. Luckily, buying gifts for your groomsmen pales in comparison to the ever-dreaded Christmas shopping.

When picking out a gift you want to make it something personal and special, something that they'll use for years to come and always think of your friendship and the memories you share. Depending on the bonds you've formed, here are some great ideas of useful gifts guys will love!

Glassware from Williams-Sonomma
Engraved Cigar-Flask from Things Remembered

Grill tools from William-Sonomma

Personalized cigar lighter from Things Remembered

What are some groomsmen gifts your or someone you know has gotten for being in someone's wedding?


JAF Gifts said...

I love the flask and the shot glass! These are definitely great groomsmen gifts!

Groomsmen Gifts said...

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